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Prowler Track, Gym Track, Sled Track…

Prowler Track, Gym Track, Sled Track – Whatever you call it, we have the turf for you…!!

When it comes to gym tracks, prowler tracks, sled tracks or however you refer to them, the variety available on the market is vast. Gym astro turf is taking the fitness industry by storm. The key is to choose your gym sled track carefully and this is where Sterling Turf come in to help!

Sterling Tracks are proud to stand out and produce premium gym tracks using our unrivalled turf DuraMAX. Our British-manufactured products boast durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring the perfect experience for both gym owners and fitness enthusiasts.

Gym sled tracks, also known as prowler tracks, offer a dynamic workout option that can elevate any fitness routine. At Sterling Turf, we take pride in offering a wide range of fitness track designs to suit your gym space perfectly. We have a variety of in-house designs to help inspire, or bring us your own personal design with your gym logo which can be integrated seamlessly into the sprint track.

Sterling Turf Sled tracks will offer you quality, style, and functionality. A Premium fake grass gym track will help you transform your workout space.

Find out more about our designs and our DuraMAX turf

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