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Inspire outdoor play with MUGA turf

Investing in artificial turf can breathe new life into a school’s outdoor space. It can instantly enhance the aesthetics and it will also create an engaging environment that encourages children and teachers to spend more time outdoors.

In the playground a colourful environment will encourage children to embark on imaginative adventures and enjoy more active playtimes. With artificial turf, you can provide a safe and visually appealing environment that inspires children to be creative, active and promote a love for the outdoors.

All weather Play:

Tarmac areas are often slippery and muddy when wet. Artificial grass can encourage all weather play, enabling the children to be outside in the dullest of weather. No mud, less mess and more fun! Bring to life a dull playground creating the opportunity for more sport and imaginative play, simply add markings for football, netball, and hockey and watch the games unfold.

Sterling turf specialise in creating the perfect turf for multi-functional play and sports areas. Designing areas that lend themselves to a variety of sports, adding different colour markings and lines for each sport, makes a space versatile and adaptable to any kind of activity.

What surface is the right choice?

We have a range of surfaces which are perfectly suited to your project. We understand that each project is individual and can be dependent on the area, your budget or the specific sport or play you are looking to encourage.

DuraTURF™ is a multi-use turf designed for education and play. Perfect all-weather playing surface for a wide variety of sports and recreation, including recreational hockey, football, tennis and netball. Create bright, colourful, and engaging multisport areas, to inspire children and encourage outdoor learning.

DuraMATCH™ a high quality multi-use turf, providing great performance, quality and durability. This hardy turf has FIH National and FIH Gen 2 Multi Use accreditation. Aimed at the tighter budget versus DuraPRO our other top rated multi-use turf.



Please call us to discuss your requirements with one of our team and let us help you create the perfect facility!

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