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What is a Gym Sled Track?

An introduction to Gym Sled Tracks

Gym tracks are an essential component of any fitness facility, providing a dedicated space for multiple exercises and workouts whilst at the same time having the ability to visually transform a space.

One of the primary uses of a gym track is for heavyweight push and pull exercises. Whether it’s pushing a prowler or pulling a sled, our tracks offer a highly durable surface that can handle the weight and resistance involved in such exercises. The traction provided by the artificial turf ensures stability, allowing users to focus on their form and maximize their workout potential.

Sterling’s DuraMax™ Tracks are made from high-quality artificial turf, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of intense training sessions.

More than one function

Gym tracks have become an essential component in modern fitness facilities, offering multiple functions to cater to various workout needs. These versatile tracks are designed to accommodate a wide range of activities, including sled pulls, prowler pushes, cross-fit exercises, and many other functional fitness routines.


Not only are sprint tracks versatile, attractive, the shock-absorbing properties of a highly durable turf like DuraMAX™ assists in the reduction of strain on joints, making it a safer option for high-intensity activities protecting against twisting, straining, or tearing muscles or ligaments.

Transform your Gym Flooring

A track can drastically enhance the aesthetics of the gym space. Transforming a space into an inviting and energetic environment is crucial for any gym. One effective way to achieve this is using vibrant colours on gym tracks. Sterling’s tracks can not only add a visually appealing element, but they also have the power to catch the eye of new members and create a lasting impression.

In addition, by incorporating your gym’s logo and or branding elements into the track design, you can reinforce your brand identity and make a memorable impact on both existing members and potential new ones.


When it comes to design options, Sterling’s tracks offer both a core range and fully bespoke choices. Our core designs feature with markings for distance measurement and timing purposes. On the other hand, fully bespoke options allow for customization based on individual preferences or specific training needs and/or company branding, colours, and logos.

With a large variety of colour options available your track can be tailored to your specification including exact length and width measurements. We know each facility is unique which is why we work together based on your goals and available space

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