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What is a MUGA pitch?

Multi Sport surfaces

A MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) is an artificial turf sports area that you would typically find at schools, leisure centres, local parks and sports clubs. MUGA’s are designed to accommodate a wide range of sports, including;

• Football
• Hockey
• Tennis
• Netball
• Tag Rugby
• Basketball
• Rounders
• Athletics
• Dodgeball

It is not only these sports, however, that can be played! MUGA’s are often used for general training games, as well as general break time play… They really do provide maximum flexibility.

MUGA’s are designed to enable schools, sports clubs etc to maximise the use of their limited outdoor space, creating a sports surface that can accommodate a wide range of uses. This also means budgets are used efficiently, due to having one surface that can accommodate all usage requirements.

Designing your MUGA Pitch

What is the main intended use?
The first step when designing your MUGA pitch, is to consider what the primary sport will be, followed by any additional sports.
For example, at a school, the primary sport played might be hockey, followed by tennis and netball. In this situation, we would help you design a pitch that could be utilised for all three sports.

Can I have line markings for all sports?
Technically, there can be permanent pitch markings for all sports, however, we recommend limiting the number of pitch markings to three. Any more than this, the surface area can become rather confusing!

We supply turf in a variety of colours, and so this can be used effectively in the design, to further distinguish between the different sports. This can also give a real wow factor to the MUGA.

What surface is the right choice?

We have a range of surfaces which are perfectly suited to your particular project. Dependant on the main sports you are looking to accommodate, as well as your budget level, we have a surface right for you;

• Sterling DuraPRO: A high quality, extremely durable sand dressed artificial turf that is perfect for MUGA use. Accredited to FIH National standards, as well as FIH Gen 2 for Hockey, Netball and Tennis. DuraPRO comes with a 10 year guarantee.

• Sterling DuraMATCH: The little brother of DuraPRO, DuraMATCH is a dense sand dressed turf that is perfect for MUGA use, especially when budgets are limited. Also accredited FIH Gen 2 for Hockey, Netball and Tennis, DuraMATCH has an 8 year guarantee.

• Sterling DuraTURF: A sand dressed turf, that is designed for MUGA use and general play areas. Using the same yarn technology as DuraPRO and DuraMATCH, but a lighter construction where usage performance and durability is a lower priority, but a limited budget is.

What are the benefits of a MUGA?

MUGAs create outdoor spaces that accommodate a wide variety of sports, whilst keeping them affordable and accessible to everyone.

Encouraging outdoor play
Multi-use games areas (MUGAs) provide a range of benefits for the local community, including increased physical activity, community engagement, and health benefits.
A MUGA sports facility is ideal for those looking to increase physical activity, as it provides a safe, secure and accessible location for a range of activities, all year round.

Effective for training and general play
For weekly training sessions or drills, you don’t necessarily need to use a full size MUGA sports pitch. It can often be more beneficial to have a smaller space to hone skills and create a more intimate session. The right MUGA pitch for your sport can also offer a high grip and greater shock absorbency than other surfaces.

All Weather Solution
No mud, no mess and no worries about playing in most weather conditions. Most MUGA surfaces can be utilised regardless of the weather.

Cost Effective
A MUGA pitch can utilise a small space and create a safe, durable surface for multiple sports to be played. Traditional grass requires more maintenance making it less cost effective.

A vibrant look
Without a doubt, the resilience to weather conditions means MUGA pitches retain a year round attractive finish and can accommodate different colours.


Please call us to discuss your requirements with one of our team, and let us help you create the perfect MUGA facility!

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